Additional Services Offered

As part of our guarantee, CS|Cycling-Sport, supports all of our cycling equipment. We have a full-service repair center and can also modify your existing cycling equipment.

Our team also offers bike fitting service on location. This service is available to any cyclist wanting to make the most of their bike.

You can book an appointment to learn more about these services below

Book a Bike-Tailer

Need a Bike-Tailor?

Book an appointment with one of our Bike-Tailors for your existing bike. This service is designed for riders that need help with their existing bike. This process will include video recordings of the position on your bike, power readings, and detailed information on what changed. Our goal is to give you a performance gain and increased comfort.

Book an appointment with our Repair Center.

Need Repairs or a Service?

This service is a drop-off repair service. When you arrive a mechanic will inspect your bike and note down the issues that have been found. Within 48hrs you will receive an estimate of the repair(s) that would need to be made.