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Custom Bikes Tailor Made

All CS|Cycling-Sport bikes are manufactured according to the individual needs of the rider. Each bike is one-of-a-kind that fits 100%. With our extensive Bike-Tailoring process, we match each bike to the type of rider, their dimensions, and preferences ensuring that every rider can get the full performance of their bike.

This Bike-Tailoring process makes the difference between bikes that can fit ok and YOUR bike that fits you perfectly.

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Klarna Financing Options

There are several financing options available from Klarna. Please visit their website for additional information.
Below you can find the typical standard rates:

12 Month

Estimated Monthly Payment:

12 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

24 Month

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24 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

36 Month

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36 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

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UCI Compliant bike
2021 Gravel / Cross
EPS Compatible
Max Wheel Size
Bottom Bracket Type
Seat Tube Size
Head Set Size
Tappered 1-1/8"
Bike Classification
The field of operation for bicycles of class 2 includes class 1 as well as unpaved, but surfaced and firm paths and gravel roads with moderate inclines. This can lead to contact with uneven terrain and loss of tire contact with the ground, which requires appropriate driving technique. Drops of up to 15 cm are allowed, e.g. curbs. Higher drops as well as jumps and acrobatic acts are not permitted. The maximum permissible total weight is 110 kg (bike, driver, luggage).
If a bike is exposed to higher loads than we recommend in the respective class, this can damage the material and even break it. A damaged bike can no longer be controlled and can cause serious falls. Therefore, please only use your bike in the area of use approved by us. If you are unsure about this, please contact our service team.

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